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The Difference Between Aluminum & Steel Auto Body Repair

Do you know if your vehicle is made out of steel or aluminum?

Repair costs for a vehicle with an aluminum body tends to be significantly higher compared to that of a traditional steel vehicle. Reasons for the disparity in price includes the cost of labor, parts and technical skills required to safely conduct the repair.

Labor & Parts

It’s easy to find aftermarket steel parts for sale. Aluminum parts tend to be more rare and expensive. In some cases aluminum auto parts may only be available from the vehicle manufacturer.

Repairing an aluminum body takes more skill because it’s more difficult to reshape without causing damage. Aluminum specific tools may also be required. Welding aluminum parts can also prove to be more challenging since these conduct more heat compared to steel. Improper welding techniques can actually compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle. It’s imperative to choose an auto body shop with technicians trained specifically to work with aluminum parts.

Repair Differences

Most dealerships offer training in order to help auto technicians become accustomed to working with aluminum. Many also have automotive technicians on staff who can work with both materials. Some dealers require repairs for aluminum vehicles to be performed in a separate area. One reason for this is because steel and aluminum are corrosive to each other. A tool previously used on steel can actually corrode and cause damage to aluminum.


The cost of repair ultimately depends on the insurance carrier. Some auto insurance companies follow manufacturer’s guidelines while others may disregard them in order to save costs. Ford is changing that with an aluminum bodied Ford F-150 that does not cost more to service because its parts are designed to be installed fast and easily.

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