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What To Look For When Replacing A Windshield

It may be tempting to skimp on price when getting ones windshield repaired but picking an unreputable shop or mechanic can be detrimental to your safety.

A windshield that is installed incorrectly can cave in and even crush passengers if it pop outs during an accident. Pick a mechanic and shop that is certified. Using original manufacturer’s glass is key as some affordable aftermarket parts may not always be safe.

It is crucial to have your windshield installed correctly with the right equipment because it’s one of the most important safety restraints in a vehicle. The windshield is held in place a layer of vinyl which prevents the glass from collapsing, breaking into sharp pieces and hurting occupants during impact. A properly installed windshield can also prevent an occupant from being ejected during an accident and significantly increase the chances of survival.

One mistake made by many inexperienced technicians is not wearing gloves during the installation process. Oil from the technician’s hands can prevent the glue from bonding. Failing to use a primer is another common mistake. Ask the shop how long you should wait before driving the vehicle after installation. The process should take anywhere from an hour to twelve hours.

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