How To Stop Getting Door Dings On Your Car


Door dings detract from your vehicle’s overall appearance and unfortunately occur quite easily. All it takes is accidentally bumping a shopping cart into your door or another person hitting your vehicle as they open their door. Here are a few ways to prevent dings on your car before they happen.

Park Away From Other Vehicles

One of the easiest ways to prevent door dings is to park as far away from other vehicles as possible. You’ll have to walk further towards your destination but you’ll have more space around your vehicle. This reduces the likelihood of other vehicles or shopping carts hitting your car. Try not to park next to two-door vehicles as these can have longer doors that swing wider.

Park Strategically

Try to stay between the lines when you park in order to make room for other vehicles to park or exit. Try to parallel park if possible since this decreases the risk of another door hitting your vehicle.

Beware Of Clothing Accessories

Accessories such as metal embellishments and chains on purses and clothing can cause minor nicks and scratches if you aren’t careful. Be careful not to let them drag on your vehicle when you enter and exit.

Enter & Exit Carefully

Be careful opening your vehicle’s doors in order to prevent hitting the curb or other vehicles.

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