Taking Care Of Your Car’s Bumper

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Most people don’t think twice about the bumper on their car but it actually plays a vital part in keeping your vehicle and passengers safe. The purpose of a bumper is to absorb shock during impact.

Bumpers are made of plastic and have a reinforcement bar made out of a tough substance like aluminum or steel. Not all bumpers offer the same amount of protection; some are designed to absorb more shock than others.

Factors which can affect the effectiveness of a bumper include built-on lights and the amount of overhang. The Bumper Standard requires the bumper to prevent damage to the body of a vehicle in low impact crashes of slower than 5 mph. However, it’s only applicable to cars and not to minivans, trucks and SUV’s.

Auto manufacturers are not required to publicly disclose the effectiveness of their bumpers and it’s not possible to ascertain how effective a bumper is by appearance alone.

It’s important to get your fender repair in a timely manner since damage can affect its ability to absorb shock.

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